Tourism at Preá Beach, in Jericoacoara National Park

Jericoacoara National Park, which includes Vila de Jeri and Praia do Preá, is one of the most iconic destinations in northeastern Brazil, with wonderful beaches, breathtaking sunsets and the rare beauty of its dunes that surround the entire National Park. With a varied gastronomy that includes traditional Brazilian cuisine and restaurants with a diversity of international cuisine, Jericoacoara and Praia do Preá put on a gastronomic show. Ideal for romantic trips, family trips or adventurous solo travelers, Praia do Preá and Jericoacoara are the perfect destination for all tastes. For those in search of sports, the village of Jeri has one of the most classic spots for wind surfing and also for surfing longboard waves.

Below are some of the main tourist attractions between Jericoacoara and Praia do Preá:

Praia de Jericoacoara

Praia do Preá

Praia da Malhada

Lagoa do Paraíso

Lagoa Azul

Lagoa do Amâncio

Pedra Furada

Árvore da Preguiça

Preá Beach - Kite Surfing

Praia do Preá is considered one of the beaches with the best conditions for kite surfing in the world. Those who come to Preá looking for sport, adventure and adrenaline know that the winds are always blowing here. With Kite Surfing or Wind Surfing, visitors to the area can be sure that they will find wind every day.

The winds are constant at between 24 and 30 knots every day and sailors from all over the world come to Praia do Preá for the quality and intensity of the wind, as well as for the local geography, which favors both the practice of beginners in the sport, as well as the improvement of advanced practitioners for those who want to start in the sport, Praia do Preá is simply perfect.


The beautiful lagoons of Jericoacoara National Park and Praia do Preá, which mix blue and green tones, are formed in the rainy season between the recesses of the white dunes in the National Park area. The landscape is indescribable. All this is located in the immense Jericoacoara National Park, where Praia do Preá and Vila de Jericoacoara are located. Come and discover this natural paradise. We've listed some of the main lagoons in the region, book your tour with us and come and enjoy this vast expanse of blue.

Come and meet us, make your reservation and get to know these main lagoons that we've highlighted below:
Blue Lagoon
Paradise Lagoon
Amâncio Lagoon

Barrinha Beach

Located next to Praia do Preá, approximately 4 km away from Villa Sabiá - Eco Bungalows, is Praia da Barrinha, with a wonderful setting between dunes, vegetation and the sea, Praia da Barrinha is undoubtedly an oasis. With its calm waters, it is perfect for swimming and climbing one of the dunes to contemplate the wonderful view can be one of the most beautiful images you will see on your trip.