Dicas de Turismo e Notícias sobre Jijoca De Jericoacoara!

17 JUL

Lagoons of Jericoacoara National Park and Preá Beach:

Date: 17/07/2022

Author: Suporte

Do you know how the lagoons in and around Jericoacora National Park are formed?

The beautiful lagoons in our region, which blend blue and green tones, are formed in the rainy season between the recesses of the white dunes in the National Park area. The landscape is indescribable.

In the case of the Interdunar and Intermittent Lagoons, which form between the dunes and constantly change location, in Jericoacoara both the current and the wind run predominantly from east to west. The movement of the dunes, approximately 15 meters a year, changes the whole environment, pushing up the natural lagoons.

All of this is located in the immense Jericoacoara National Park. National parks are the most popular and oldest category of Conservation Units. Their purpose, according to Brazilian legislation, is to preserve ecosystems of great ecological importance and scenic beauty, enabling scientific research, educational activities and environmental interpretation, recreation and ecological tourism, through contact with nature.

Come and discover this natural paradise. We've listed some of the main lagoons in the region, book your tour with us and come and enjoy this vast expanse of blue.

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Come and meet us, make your reservation and discover the main lagoons we've highlighted below:

  • Blue Lagoon
  • Paradise Lagoon
  • Amâncio Lagoon
  • Tatajuba Lagoon