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How to get to Praia do Preá and Jericoacoara

Date: 10/08/2022

Author: Suporte

How to get to Praia do Preá and Jericoacoara?

For those wishing to get to Jericoacoara, there are two options:
1- Travel to Jericoacoara Regional Airport (JJD), located in the city of Cruz. The airport is close to Praia do Préa and only 14km from Hotel Villa Sabiá - Eco Bungalows.

2- Travel to Pinto Martins International Airport in Fortaleza, which is 280km from Praia do Préa and Jericoacoara.

The logistics of getting to Praia do Préa or Jeri used to be difficult, as the town of Jericoacoara is 280km from Fortaleza - Ceará and surrounded by a park full of dunes. With the inauguration of the Jericoacoara Regional Airport, it has become easier to get there and to reduce distances.

Although the Preá / Jeri airport is a hand in the wheel and has made it much easier to get there, there aren't many flights available and that's why the prices aren't as low.

When you arrive at Jeri / Preá Regional Airport, you can either take a private cab to Villa Sabiá - Eco Bungalows or take a cab. We organize all transfers for our clients.

If you choose to travel via Fortaleza International Airport, you will have to complete the journey by land between Fortaleza and Preá / Jericoacoara.

  • Transfer to Hotel Villa Sabiá - Eco Bungalows by 4×4 vehicleOne of the most comfortable options for those who are in Fortaleza and want to go to Praia do Preá and Jeri is to hire a 4×4 transport to make this journey.
    • At Villa Sabiá - Eco Bungalows we organize all the transfers for our clients, don't worry, we organize everything.

      • Bus from Fortaleza to Praia do Preá - Jericoacoara.
        The bus service between Fortaleza and Jeri is currently run by Expresso Guanabara or Fretcar. The whole trip takes around 6 to 7 hours and can be comfortable if you travel to Praia do Preá. There are comfortable sleeper buses for around 200.00 a ticket. Taxi fares from the bus station to Praia do Preá should be included, which can cost an average of R$100.00 more. There are a number of bus lines that go to Praia do Preá and you can get off at Praça da Praia do Preá.

      It is advisable to buy your ticket a little in advance so as not to risk disrupting your schedule.

      By car to Jericoacoara From Fortaleza, the best option is to take the CE-085 highway, also known as Estruturante. Although it is only a highway for most of the way, it is advisable to carry a map (or GPS) with you to avoid problems due to the lack of signposting. For those departing from Teresina, it is possible to take the BR-343 highway out of the city and continue on to the town of Granja, where you will find the access to Jijoca and Praia do Preá.

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    Remember, here at Villa Sabiá - Eco Bungalows we organize all transfers for our clients.